Unrivalled hospitality.Unrivalled hospitality.

Unrivalled hospitality.


Fantastic hotels in the heart of the Lötschental

Where comfort, hospitality and closeness to nature merge in a unique way. From cozy mountain huts to luxurious wellness resorts, the Lötschental offers a diverse selection

Cosy retreats.Cosy retreats.

Cosy retreats.

Holiday flats / chalets

Experience closeness to nature: Vacation accommodation in harmony with the environment

In the vacation apartments and chalets of the Lötschental, you can experience the closeness to nature at first hand and relax completely in the midst of the breathtaking

Group accommodation with charm.Group accommodation with charm.

Group accommodation with charm.

Group accommodation

Comfortable accommodation for shared experiences

Discover a variety of comfortable accommodation specially designed for shared experiences. From spacious common areas to cozy bedrooms, our accommodations offer everything

Living camping dreams.Living camping dreams.

Living camping dreams.

Campsites / Campgrounds

Campsite idyll: eventful nights in the magical valley

Where the stars shine above you and nature surrounds you. Our campsites offer you the opportunity to experience the adventure and tranquillity of the mountains up close. Enjoy

Experience the magic of a mountain hut.Experience the magic of a mountain hut.

Experience the magic of a mountain hut.

Mountain huts / inns

A guest in the mountains: adventurous overnight stays in alpine surroundings

Our mountain huts and inns offer not only a cozy place to stay, but a real experience in alpine surroundings. Whether you want to go on a hike or simply enjoy the breathtaking

Idyllic retreats.Idyllic retreats.

Idyllic retreats.

Further accommodation

Special accommodation for relaxing days

Discover a diverse selection of accommodations that you can book directly with the landlord. Our hand-picked properties offer unique experiences and are perfect for travelers

Temporary rent accommodation…