Can you feel the drive?

The Lötschental is waiting to be explored by you! Feel the thirst for action and discover a variety of activities that will give you unforgettable moments in the midst of the breathtaking mountain landscape. Immerse yourself in the fascinating nature of the Lötschental and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty.

Sledging offer Lauchernalp - Wiler

The perfect offer for fun fanatics

Embark on an exciting toboggan run from Lauchernalp to Wiler and create unforgettable winter memories with family and friends!

Sledge hire Lötschental

Travel in comfort - hire a sledge

Enjoy the wintry atmosphere of the Lötschental and experience a speedy descent on high-quality sledges. 

Lauchernalp - Wiler sledging run

The sledging run for the ultimate adventure on runners

Are you looking for a great sledging adventure? 

Tips and tricks for sledging

Safely on the toboggan run

Sledging is popular with the whole family. With our tips and tricks, you'll be well prepared to return safely to the valley.

Winter map Lötschental

Lötschental winter map: Discover the winter paradise

The winter map of the Lötschental gives you a perfect overview of the ski pistes, snowshoe trails and winter hiking trails in the Lötschental. 

Guided snowshoe tours in the Lötschental

Guided snowshoe tours for unforgettable adventures

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the winter landscape and let our guides lead you through untouched snowfields. Our experienced guides are very familiar with the region and will support you with their expertise and experience.

Winter hiking trails Lötschental

Step by step through the wintry splendour

Discover the magical world of winter hiking in the Lötschental and be enchanted by the unspoilt beauty of this unique landscape. Whether you are an occasional hiker or an experienced trekker, in the Lötschental you will find a variety of hiking trails that offer you an unrivalled experience. 

Snowshoe trails in the Lötschental

Discover the most beautiful snowshoe trails in the Lötschental

Stride through glistening snowfields while savouring the majestic mountains and the peaceful silence around you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, there is a trail to suit everyone, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magic and tranquillity of the Lötschental. Let yourself be enchanted by the winter splendour and experience unforgettable moments on your snowshoe tours through this magical valley.

Snowshoe hire Lötschental

Hire snowshoes and start your winter adventure

Plan an unforgettable snowshoe hike now. INTERSPORT Sporthaus Lauchernalp will be happy to help you with your equipment. Hire your snowshoes directly online.  

Tips and tricks for snowshoeing and winter hiking

Explore the snow-covered mountain landscape at walking pace

Hike amidst the fresh snow and explore the splendour of the snow-covered landscape. You can make your own tracks off the beaten track and enjoy unspoilt nature to the full.

Tips and tricks for skiing and snowboarding

These simple tips will make your ski day a success

We have put together some tips for a successful day on skis and snowboard.

Children's paradise Loichiland Lauchernalp

Learn to ski in Loichiland.

Loichiland offers the little ones a wonderful environment in which to learn to ski. 

INTERSPORT Sporthaus Lauchernalp

Hire of skis, snowboards and winter sports equipment

Do you need equipment for a day's skiing or gear for the whole season? At Sporthaus Lauchern, competent outdoor enthusiasts will advise you. You will find what you are looking for here.

Snow sports school Lötschental

We inspire you for winter sports.

The Cool School Lötschental is the Swiss snow sports school in the Lötschental and teaches you on the snow.

Winter sports report Lötschental

The winter sports report in the Lötschental

The Lauchernalp ski area has 40 kilometers of pistes, which you can always keep track of with the piste map.

Ski tours and splitboard Lötschental

Experience the freedom of ski touring.

Step by step on touring skis or a splitboard towards the summit, surrounded by breathtaking nature - ski touring is a very special experience.

Lauchernalp Lötschental ski area

The Lauchernalp - where winter is at home.

The magnificent natural and scenic backdrop, powder snow, crystal-clear air and cozy huts make the dream of a skiing paradise come true.

Freeride Lötschental

Ziehe Sie ihre eigene Spur in den Tiefschnee

Was gibt es Schöneres, als seine eigenen Spuren in den Schnee zu zaubern? Im Lötschental werden diese Träume war.

Après-Ski Lötschental

Round off your day's skiing with après-ski

Fancy an aperitif after a successful day's skiing? In the Lötschental there are various ways to round off the day.

Cross-country skiing tips and tricks

Cross-country skiing works with these simple tips

We have put together the most important tips and tricks for a perfect cross-country skiing experience.

Cécile's cross-country ski parlour Blatten

Hire your cross-country skiing equipment

Whether classic or skating, the Lötschental cross-country skiing center offers you the perfect cross-country skiing equipment. Hire cross-country skis and spend an unforgettable day of snow sports in the magical valley. 

Cross-country skiing school Lötschental

We will teach you how to cross-country ski

Would you like to start cross-country skiing or improve your technique? Together with us you will make progress.

Cross-country ski passes Lötschental

Prices and passes for the cross-country ski trail

Should it be a day pass or a season pass? The tariffs at a glance.

Bike wash station Wiler

Shine and care for your bike

Visit our bike wash station today and experience how your bike is given a new lease of life. 

Cross-country ski trails Lötschental

Discover our trails

24 km of prepared trails await you in the Lötschental, set against a unique mountain backdrop. You will enjoy the tranquillity. 

Bike trails Lötschental

Discover the most beautiful bike trails in the Lötschental.

Find the right trail and immerse yourself in the magic of the Lötschental on your bike. An overview of the best tours with GPS tracks can be found here.

Biking tips and tricks

Useful tips for biking

We have compiled the most important rules for a successful day on the bike for you. 

Bike guides Lötschental

We show you the best trails for the best experience

Our bike guides know the Lötschental like the back of their hand.

Bike transportation Lötschental

Ride trails until you drop.

Transport your bike comfortably by post bus and cable car.

E-bike rental lötschental

Rent an e-bike for your riding pleasure

Don't have your own bike but still want to explore the trails? We rent out e-bikes. 

Bike map Lötschantal

All trails at a glance

Never miss a turn-off and always find your way. Thanks to the bike map, you always have an overview.

Pumptrack Steg

Curves, jumps and speed on the pump track in Steg

Riding fun for the whole family in Steg.

Bake a carnival speciality called "chiächlu" in Lötschental

Prepare unique delicacies

Experience the traditional preparation of "Chiächlini" according to traditional family recipes under expert guidance.

Mountain and Alpine Games Lötschental

The outdoor nostalgia experience

Experience five traditional Lötschental games in the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories!

Rye bread baking Lötschental

On the trail of traditions

Baking rye bread together in the village oven in Blatten. Ideal for groups, clubs, companies and school classes (min. 6 / max. 20 people). On request can baked a batch of traditional rye bread in the village oven.

Lötschberg Base Tunnel

Tour guided

Immerse yourself in the heart of the BLS infrastructure

Workshop of Healthy CBD Lötschental

Discover the versatile active ingredients of the hemp plant

In the majestic heights of the Lötschental, surrounded by clear mountain air and pure natural resources, the journey of Healthy CBD Lötschental began, fuelled by a deep desire to produce 100% pure natural products to support self-healing.

Family adventure map Lauchernalp

The gateway to unforgettable adventures for young and old

Create memories together that will last forever with our family adventure map! From entertaining themed trails to mystical moments on the Lötschental Legend Trail - we have something for everyone.

Guided Village Tour Blatten

Discover the history of the village of Blatten

Are you interested in history? Then you should visit the saw, mill, the village oven and other traditional buildings in Blatten.

Sled dog rides Lötschental

Sled dog pass - an animal experience

Enjoy a breathtaking ride through the snow-covered landscape of the magical valley and let yourself be carried away by the energy and enthusiasm of the huskies.

Lötschental picnic areas and fireplaces

Barbecue adventure in the midst of the breathtaking mountain landscape!

Enjoying nature, lighting fires, creating memories - picnic areas and fireplaces in the Lötschental: your place for unforgettable moments.

Indoor swimming pool Steg

Ready for a refreshing break?

Dive into our indoor pool and experience unforgettable moments full of fun and relaxation. Enjoy the crystal-clear water, swim a few lengths or let yourself drift.

Monster Trotti Lauchernalp - Wiler

The ultimate mountain adventure in the Lötschental mountains

Ready for a thrill in the Lötschental mountains? Experience the ultimate mountain adventure with our monster scooters from the mountain station of the Wiler-Lauchernalp cable car.

Hiking highlights Lötschental

Unique hiking routes for unforgettable nature experiences

Step by step to the most beautiful hiking highlights - experience pure nature and unforgettable adventures.

Theme trails Lötschental

Exciting trails for curious explorers

Our themed trails invite you to experience the beauty of nature in a unique and informative way. Each themed trail harbours unforgettable impressions that are waiting to be discovered by you.

Lauchernalp - Fafleralp legend trail

Mysticism on the Lötschental legend trail

Immerse yourself in a mystical hike from the Lauchernalp mountain station to Fafleralp and experience a legend quiz specially designed for children along the way.

Steg-Hohtenn adventure trail

Fascinating stories and living traditions

Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey back in time, surrounded by enchanting stories and mysterious legends that will captivate even the most adventurous explorer.

Alpine adventure trail Lauchernalp

Discover the Alps with fun and games!

Discover the Alpine world with all your senses! With interactive explanations, wooden cows and musical bells, young adventurers discover the treasures of the Lötschental in a playful way.

Carving masks Lötschental

On the trail of the Tschäggättä

The remoteness of the Lötschental has been the source of a multitude of stories, legends and myths. Wild creatures hunted through the history of the Lötschental and left their traces behind. They are regarded as the origin of the Tschäggättä tradition, which is still celebrated today with great attention to detail.

Loichi ball trail Lauchernalp - Wiler

An entertaining hiking experience for the whole family


Immerse yourself in the refreshing Baan forest and discover ten original marble runs. An adventure for the whole family!

Leisure centre "Gsteinät" Wiler

Where family fun becomes new adventures

From challenging minigolf to exciting sports such as football and basketball to an exciting adventure playground, the "Gsteinät" leisure centre offers entertainment for young and old.

Playgrounds Lötschental

Welcome to Adventureland: Our playgrounds are waiting for little adventurers

Our safe and versatile playgrounds offer everything children need to play, learn and make new friends. Come along and experience unforgettable moments with your little ones!

Hiking map Lötschental

Your guide for hikes

Discover the Lötschental with our hiking map, your reliable companion for unforgettable adventures in the great outdoors.

Flower walks Lötschental

Discover the flowers in the valley

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of alpine flora in the picturesque Lötschental valley on our flower walks.

Hiking guide Lötschental

Companion in nature

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking nature of the Lötschental, led by an experienced hiking guide who will lead you safely through the majestic mountain landscapes and through the magical valley.

Mountain guides Lötschental

Your summit guides

Our trained mountain guides will accompany you on an unforgettable tour.

Rays Lötschental

The secret of nature's sparkling jewels

In the fascinating world of rays, the search for hidden treasures in the earth becomes an unrivalled adventure. Immerse yourself in the secrets of nature.

Climbing Lötschental

For the adventure in the rock

For all climbing enthusiasts and adventurers, the magical valley offers several opportunities to explore the steep rocks and try out new challenges.

Tips and tricks for hiking and mountaineering

Useful advice for travelling

Whether you're a hiker or an alpinist, be well prepared for your next summit destination.