Together: the best time of the year.Together: the best time of the year.

Together: the best time of the year.

The best family experiences in the Lötschental

Discover exciting experiences for the whole family

From action-packed outdoor activities and educational museum visits to relaxing picnic spots surrounded by picturesque landscapes - we have everything you need to experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Family adventure map Lauchernalp

The gateway to unforgettable adventures for young and old
Create memories together that will last forever with our family adventure map! From entertaining themed trails to mystical moments on the Lötschental Legend Trail - we have something for everyone.

Alpine adventure trail Lauchernalp

Discover the Alps with fun and games!
Discover the Alpine world with all your senses! With interactive explanations, wooden cows and musical bells, young adventurers discover the treasures of the Lötschental in a playful way.

Lauchernalp - Fafleralp legend trail

Mysticism on the Lötschental legend trail
Immerse yourself in a mystical hike from the Lauchernalp mountain station to Fafleralp and experience a legend quiz specially designed for children along the way.

Loichi ball trail Lauchernalp - Wiler

An entertaining hiking experience for the whole family
  Immerse yourself in the refreshing Baan forest and discover ten original marble runs. An adventure for the whole family!

Steg-Hohtenn adventure trail

Fascinating stories and living traditions
Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey back in time, surrounded by enchanting stories and mysterious legends that will captivate even the most adventurous explorer.

Monster Trotti Lauchernalp - Wiler

The ultimate mountain adventure in the Lötschental mountains
Ready for a thrill in the Lötschental mountains? Experience the ultimate mountain adventure with our monster scooters from the mountain station of the Wiler-Lauchernalp cable car.

Leisure centre "Gsteinät" Wiler

Where family fun becomes new adventures
From challenging minigolf to exciting sports such as football and basketball to an exciting adventure playground, the "Gsteinät" leisure centre offers entertainment for young and old.

Playgrounds Lötschental

Welcome to Adventureland: Our playgrounds are waiting for little adventurers
Our safe and versatile playgrounds offer everything children need to play, learn and make new friends. Come along and experience unforgettable moments with your little ones!

Lötschental picnic areas and fireplaces

Barbecue adventure in the midst of the breathtaking mountain landscape!
Enjoying nature, lighting fires, creating memories - picnic areas and fireplaces in the Lötschental: your place for unforgettable moments.

Indoor swimming pool Steg

Ready for a refreshing break?
Dive into our indoor pool and experience unforgettable moments full of fun and relaxation. Enjoy the crystal-clear water, swim a few lengths or let yourself drift.

Carving masks Lötschental

On the trail of the Tschäggättä
The remoteness of the Lötschental has been the source of a multitude of stories, legends and myths. Wild creatures hunted through the history of the Lötschental and left their traces behind. They are regarded as the origin of the Tschäggättä tradition, which is still celebrated today with great attention to detail.

Children's paradise Loichiland Lauchernalp

Learn to ski in Loichiland.
Loichiland offers the little ones a wonderful environment in which to learn to ski. 

Sled dog rides Lötschental

Sled dog pass - an animal experience
Enjoy a breathtaking ride through the snow-covered landscape of the magical valley and let yourself be carried away by the energy and enthusiasm of the huskies.

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Rays Lötschental

The secret of nature's sparkling jewels
In the fascinating world of rays, the search for hidden treasures in the earth becomes an unrivalled adventure. Immerse yourself in the secrets of nature.

Climbing Lötschental

For the adventure in the rock
For all climbing enthusiasts and adventurers, the magical valley offers several opportunities to explore the steep rocks and try out new challenges.

Regional products Lötschental

Discover the culinary treasures of our restaurants
Experience the culinary diversity of the Lötschental and enjoy unforgettable culinary delights in our restaurants.

Mountain huts and guesthouses

As a guest in the mountains: adventure-packed overnight stays in alpine surroundings

Lötschental Museum Kippel

Historical insights
The Lötschental Museum reveals the history and culture of the Lötschental. Immerse yourself and discover the fascinating traditions, customs and stories that characterize this unique valley.

Audio tour of places of interest

Experience the history of the Lötschental with your smartphone
With the audio tour, you can stroll comfortably through the villages in the Lötschental and learn more about life and history in the valley.

Guided Village Tour Blatten

Discover the history of the village of Blatten
Are you interested in history? Then you should visit the saw, mill, the village oven and other traditional buildings in Blatten.

Hiking highlights Lötschental

Unique hiking routes for unforgettable nature experiences
Step by step to the most beautiful hiking highlights - experience pure nature and unforgettable adventures.