From July 13, 2024 to August 18, 2024, the Lauchernalp-Stafel 6-seater chairlift will operate daily, weather permitting.
The 6-seater chairlift will remain closed on Sunday, July 21, 2024.

Mountain and Alpine Games Lötschental

The outdoor nostalgia experience

Experience five traditional Lötschental games in the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories!

The outdoor nostalgia experience for children, families, companies, groups, clubs, in fact for everyone. Play five different old Lötschental games and enjoy 2 - 3 carefree hours in the great outdoors. The offer costs CHF 30.00 per person. The games are suitable from the age of 6 to the sprightly 100-year-old. They are unique, authentic and were once played in the Lötschental. 

The "Tschärrättu" is a variant of hornussen. The "Tschärrätt" is hit as far as possible into the field using a baton (Tschärrättschtäkn). The distance of the hit is measured.

The "Mischlu" is a form of skittles. Six split pieces of wood ("Mischla" 40-50cm in size) are placed in a row. The thrower then tries to knock over the pieces of wood by throwing them by hand (Wurfmischla). Everyone has three throws at their disposal. The person with the most "Mischlä" on the ground is the winner.

This form of skilful running with a wheel and stick requires a sense of speed and strength. An old bicycle wheel (without rubber) is pushed by means of a "metal stick" (metal stick approx. 30cm) and accompanied through a simple course to the final destination. The one with the fastest lap time is the winner.

Nails are hammered into a splitting stick with a special hammer. The person who hammers the nail in with the fewest blows is the winner.

An open Burdi rope is thrown onto a Lötschental "Tschäggättu". The person who throws closest to the Lötschentaler Matze is the winner. Measuring point "Triäggla" - Matzen Stecken.

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