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Rye bread baking Lötschental

On the trail of traditions

Baking rye bread together in the village oven in Blatten. Ideal for groups, clubs, companies and school classes (min. 6 / max. 20 people). On request can baked a batch of traditional rye bread in the village oven.

The offer can also be combined with a guided tour of the beautiful village of Blatten.

  • The price for a batch (approx. 40 loaves) is CHF 700.00 (ingredients for the loaves and an aperitif during baking included)
  • Around 4 hours must be planned for the full baking process.
  • The home-baked bread can of course be taken home afterwards.
  • Please book at least 7 days before the desired date.

For further information about the offer and reservations, please contact the Blatten municipal administration on +41 27 939 12 05 or by e-mail at

Find out more about baking rye bread

Rye has been grown in Valais for centuries, as it finds favourable conditions here: mountainous terrain, high altitude and extreme temperatures.

The communal oven was only fired once a month in the Valais villages, including Blatten in the Lötschental. As a result, bread had to be baked that could be kept for several months: rye bread, which used to be considered the bread of the poorer sections of the population. However, thanks to its idiosyncratic character, Valais rye bread has fought for its place on the menu of the broadest sections of society and has successfully held its own ever since.