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Information hub for owners


Owner's Manual: Your source for all relevant information

Here you will find answers to your questions, advice on managing your property and useful resources to make the most of your ownership. We are here to provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical guidance. Discover the wealth of information that will help you to manage your property in the best possible way and be successful in the long term.

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Lötschental Tourism is a committed association that works to promote tourism in the picturesque Lötschental. Join our network and actively support the tourism industry in our region by becoming a member of Lötschental Tourism.

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Optimize your guest service: Send the Lötschental Card directly to your guests with our Feratel system.

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Enrich your guests' vacation experience: download our guest folders and enable them to fully enjoy their vacation in the enchanting valley and not miss out on any of the many opportunities.

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You have been our valued guests for a long time, and for this reason we would like to express our sincere appreciation.

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Put your trust in BEWI AG - your experts for the perfect management of your properties in the municipality of Wiler.

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How do I maintain the availabilities? How do I change the prices? You can find the answers here...