From infrastructural measures such as traffic and road closures, to communal events and cultural projects, there is plenty of news that characterises life in the valley. These reports offer an insight into the efforts of the municipalities and organisations to preserve traditions and at the same time meet the needs of residents and visitors. Here are the most important current news items from the Lötschental. 

Western Switzerland Yodelling Festival 2024 Raron

Are you taking part in the Western Switzerland Yodelling Festival in Raron with your club, or would you simply like to enjoy the festival as a visitor? Then you've come to the right place. We will organise your accommodation and an hourly return journey from your accommodation to the yodelling village and back again. A shuttle service will take you from the magical valley to the yodelling village in around 30 minutes. The bus runs every hour from Blatten, Wiler, Kippel and Ferden to Raron. Simply hop on and relax and look forward to the festival. 

Open restaurants

In the magical valley, the catering establishments play a decisive role in the culinary landscape of our region. Characterised by a rich alpine tradition and an unmistakable charm, the mountain huts, inns, bars and restaurants of the Lötschental not only offer excellent food, but also an unforgettable gastronomic experience. From hearty Valais and Lötschental specialities to innovative interpretations of local ingredients, the restaurants in the Lötschental reflect the diversity and authenticity of regional cuisine

Roads Wiler - Alps

The roads Wiler - Lauchernalp to Stafel and the road Fischbiel - Weritzalp are open to all traffic. You can obtain permits in the Parkingpay app. 

Road Kippel - Hockenalp

Hockenstrasse is now open with a valid parking permit. The permits can be obtained via the Parkingpay app. The QR code is displayed at the junction in Hauptstrasse. Of course, you can also buy the permits at the Kippel municipal office. 

Road opening Forststrassen Ferden

The forest roads from Ferden in the direction of Faldum-, Resti-, Kummenalp and obere und untere Meiggen are now open.
Special permits are available from the Ferden municipal office or the Felsheim restaurant in Goppenstein. 

Hire / Events Gondola After Ride Bar

The Gondola After Ride Bar is located in the Wiler valley station. The bar is open during the winter season and organises occasional events outside of the winter season.