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Berge, Blumen und Masken

14.09.24 starting at 10:45

Wiler (Lötschen)


Location / Map

Cultural hike through the Lötschental. With mountain guide Henzen Pius. We hike along old paths through the Lötschental. From Fafleralp to Kippel, always on the valley floor. Past the baroque Kühmatt pilgrimage chapel with its old votive pictures, through the villages of Blatten and Wiler to the Lötschental Museum in Kippel. From the history of alpinism to old cultivated plants and the famous larvae. The hike promises to be as varied as the Lötschental itself. Henzen Pius, a retired mountain guide, tells us stories about alpinism in the valley and about his work as an avalanche officer and mountain rescuer. Registration under the following link:


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