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Regional products Lötschental

Discover the culinary treasures of our restaurants

Experience the culinary diversity of the Lötschental and enjoy unforgettable culinary delights in our restaurants.

Mountain restaurants and mountain huts Lötschental

Mountain and alpine enjoyment

The mountain restaurants and a mountain hut are not only places where you can enjoy a meal, but also oases of hospitality in the midst of the beauty of the magical valley.

Pleasure offer Lötschental

Alpine culinary delights: the diversity of Valais cuisine

If you like Wallier cuisine, you've come to the right place with the gourmet offers in the Lötschental. Browse through our unique gourmet offers and let us spoil you with culinary delights.

Wild weeks.Wild weeks.

Wild weeks.

Wild Weeks Lötschental

Are you wild about game too?

The countdown to the "Wild Weeks" in the Lötschental is on - it's almost time to enjoy!

Regional products Lötschental

Naturally Lötschental

Discover the naturalness of the Lötschental: authentic products from untouched nature

Body and mind

A journey to inner balance

The Lötschberg Centre offers you a holistic approach. The aim is to harmonise body and mind. This approach helps you to realise your full potential.

Indulgence day Lötschental

Recovery and regeneration

Leave the stress of everyday life behind you and treat yourself to a break that harmonises body, mind and soul.

Wellness offers

Peace and relaxation

Our wellness programmes focus on rest, relaxation and regeneration. Take some time out and embark on a journey to your inner balance.

Art and culture at Schtadl Kippel

Where art and culture come alive

Be inspired by the creative atmosphere and the fascinating works on display in the Schtädeln in Kippel in the old village. 

Viridarium Ferden

The art of weaving

Weaving is more than just weaving threads - it is a creative practice that brings stories, traditions and cultures to life in a unique way.

Saw-mill-whale Blatten

A look at the history of the craft

The Säge-Mühle-Walche is a fascinating example of the traditional craftsmanship and industrial production of past centuries.

Studio Albert Nyfeler Kippel

A glimpse into the artistic world of the Lötschental

Immerse yourself in the creative world of this talented artist and be inspired by his works.

World Nature Forum Naters

Natural wonder UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most beautiful and valuable mountain landscapes in the world, stretching from the icy peaks of the high mountains to the Mediterranean steppe landscapes in the south and documenting the ongoing climate change.


Lötschental Museum Kippel

Historical insights

The Lötschental Museum reveals the history and culture of the Lötschental. Immerse yourself and discover the fascinating traditions, customs and stories that characterize this unique valley.

Easter donation Ferden

A celebration of community and generosity

The fascinating tradition of the Ferden Easter Offering, a unique custom that has shaped the Lötschental community for centuries. This special celebration on Easter Monday recalls an ancient custom that once protected the valley from disaster and today acts as a symbol of generosity and community.

Easter Monday, 21 April 2025

Chinigrosslini Lötschental

The Chinigrosslini- a magical spectacle

Experience the fascinating tradition of the Chinigrosslini in the Lötschental. Let yourself be seduced by the witty words of the Goigglär as the Chinigrossli dance through the alleyways and the bells ring. A magical experience for the whole family that you shouldn't miss.

Tschäggättä Lötschental

The Tschäggättä - a fascinating heritage

The magical valley is home to a unique tradition that has been handed down for generations: the Tschäggättä, a symbol of solidarity with their homeland and pride in their history and culture.

Lord Grenadiers Lötschental

The Lord's Grenadiers - proud guardians of old traditions

Experience the fascinating tradition of the Lötschental Herrgottsgrenadiere, who have been celebrating important church feast days for generations with their proud traditional costumes and solemn costumes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this unique tradition and be inspired by the dedication and warmth of our community.

Music Lötschental

Where mountains merge with the sounds of alphorns and yodel songs

Discover the fascinating world of traditional music and culture in the Lötschental. Experience the wonderful sounds of brass instruments and rhythmic folk dances and let yourself be carried away by the joie de vivre of the locals.

Oldest vine in Switzerland

On an excursion to Steg, you will come across the oldest vine in Switzerland

In addition to the warm weather, the Mediterranean climate in the Rhone Valley also has advantages for agriculture, which our ancestors already took advantage of. Steg is home to the oldest vine in Switzerland - a piece of Swiss cultural heritage.

Audio tour of places of interest

Experience the history of the Lötschental with your smartphone

With the audio tour, you can stroll comfortably through the villages in the Lötschental and learn more about life and history in the valley.

Churches and chapels

Discover the contemplative side of the Lötschental

There are 54 chapels, churches and wayside shrines in the Lötschental that invite you to reflect.

Village tours Lötschental

Get to know the Lötschental

Would you like to find out more about the history, traditions and customs of the Lötschental villages? Village tours take place regularly in Blatten and Kippel.

Villages of Lötschental and Steg-Hohtenn

Immerse yourself in the quaint village centers and hamlets

In the villages and hamlets in the Lötschental, time seems to turn a little slower - the quaint village centers with their traditional buildings bear witness to a bygone era and invite you to linger.

Wiler Blue Room experience

Where tradition comes alive

The "Blaue Stube" is a place that appeals to all the senses and brings customs and traditions to life in a unique way.

Lötschental cultural associations and foundations

Commitment to tradition and community

The Kippel Cultural Association, the Blatten Cultural Association and the Blatten Foundation are passionately committed to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. From the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage to the promotion of local creative artists - they all contribute to preserving and strengthening the rich diversity and identity of Blatten.