On a discovery tour through the culture.On a discovery tour through the culture.

On a discovery tour through the culture.

Exhibitions & Museums Lötschental

Insight into the past

From historical artifacts to fascinating exhibits, the valley offers a diverse selection of insights into its history and traditions. Let the museums in the Lötschental take you on an exciting journey through time and experience the cultural diversity of this unique region.

Lötschental Museum Kippel

Historical insights
The Lötschental Museum reveals the history and culture of the Lötschental. Immerse yourself and discover the fascinating traditions, customs and stories that characterize this unique valley.

Wiler Blue Room experience

Where tradition comes alive
The "Blaue Stube" is a place that appeals to all the senses and brings customs and traditions to life in a unique way.

Studio Albert Nyfeler Kippel

A glimpse into the artistic world of the Lötschental
Immerse yourself in the creative world of this talented artist and be inspired by his works.

Saw-mill-whale Blatten

A look at the history of the craft
The Säge-Mühle-Walche is a fascinating example of the traditional craftsmanship and industrial production of past centuries.

Art and culture at Schtadl Kippel

Where art and culture come alive
Be inspired by the creative atmosphere and the fascinating works on display in the Schtädeln in Kippel in the old village. 

Viridarium Ferden

The art of weaving
Weaving is more than just weaving threads - it is a creative practice that brings stories, traditions and cultures to life in a unique way.

World Nature Forum Naters

Natural wonder UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most beautiful and valuable mountain landscapes in the world, stretching from the icy peaks of the high mountains to the Mediterranean steppe landscapes in the south and documenting the ongoing climate change.  

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Regional products Lötschental

Discover the culinary treasures of our restaurants
Experience the culinary diversity of the Lötschental and enjoy unforgettable culinary delights in our restaurants.

Events Lötschental

Our calendar of events keeps you up to date

Audio tour of places of interest

Experience the history of the Lötschental with your smartphone
With the audio tour, you can stroll comfortably through the villages in the Lötschental and learn more about life and history in the valley.