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Discover the naturalness of the Lötschental: authentic products from untouched nature

Immerse yourself in the world of naturally made products from the Lötschental, where quality, sustainability and authenticity are paramount. From artisan cheeses made according to traditional recipes and with milk from happy local cows, to fragrant herbs and medicinal plants that thrive on the sun-drenched slopes of the valley, to delicious honey collected by busy bees in the blooming mountain meadows - here you will find a variety of products that reflect the beauty and abundance of Alpine nature.

Product companies

Daniel Ritler runs his sheep farm according to BioSuisse standards on the furthest reaches of the Alps in the wild and romantic Lötschental valley in Valais. The high-quality lamb and sheep meat products are sold directly to catering establishments, retailers and private customers. Floristry, gift ideas, decorative items and events round off the range.

Dani's lamb
Daniel & Karin Ritler
Bahnhofstrasse 1
3917 Goppenstein

Phone: +41 78 841 23 90

The Lötschen cheese dairy uses fresh milk from cows in the Lötschental for its cheese. They sell a variety of cheeses.

Lötschen cheese dairy
Family Bea and Anton Rieder-Bohren
Baanwaldstrasse 15
3918 Wiler

Phone: +41 79 678 76 49

The dishes at Rest. Lonza are made from fresh organic products from the region, which are used to create creative fish dishes, vegetarian dishes and flavoursome meat dishes. In his spare time, Brosi enjoys creating spices, ointments, oils and other fine Naturally Lötschental products.

Restaurant Lonza
Henzen Ambros
Dorfstrasse 38
3918 Wiler

Phone: +41 27 939 12 31

From lamb or Galloway to Rarner Eglifilet and the "Breithorn" cheese slice - the Breithorn restaurant in Blatten offers you a foray into regional products. They sell various Naturally Lötschental products in the restaurant. For hotel guests, this includes Lötschental bee honey. This is also used for the Lötschental speciality herb schnapps.

Hotel Breithorn
Marie-Madlen Rieder-Hasler
Brigitte Lehner-Hasler
Blatten Street 1
3919 Blatten 

Phone: +41 27 939 14 66

The Nest- und Bietschhorn offers locally produced food on its menu. Products are also home-made, such as salmon smoked with Lötschental lark.

Hotel Nest- und Bietschhorn
Talstrasse 16
3919 Blatten

Phone: +41 27 939 11 06

The Lötschenpasshütte offers simple dishes made from fresh Lötschental produce in a magnificent setting at 2,690 metres above sea level. A highlight is the fresh bread, which is baked daily in the hut's own wood-fired oven, and the delicious cakes.

Beat Dietrich
3918 Wiler

Phone: +41 27 939 19 81

We are pleased to be able to offer completely natural and high-quality CBD hemp products from our own production. The active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant has no psychoactive effect and does not alter consciousness. However, CBD can provide mild relief in a natural way for many complaints such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cramps, allergies, asthma and other illnesses.

All our products are carefully handmade with love and passion. Enjoy the mild and beneficial effects of this wonderful plant.

Lehner Klaus and Clementine
Ägärtastrasse 11
3916 Ferden

Phone: +41 79 786 51 75

Lötschental quality. Enjoy authentic Lötschental and regional dishes in the wildly romantic setting of Fafleralp. We don't swear, but we guarantee you all kinds of culinary delights - enjoy local cuisine, Swiss specialities or delicious fish dishes - bon appétit and cheers!

In paradise
3919 Fafleralp

Phone: +41 27 939 14 51


Partner companies

iischä Dorfladen AG
Blattenstrasse 33
3919 Blatten 

Phone: +41 27 939 11 61

Im Paradies
3919 Fafleralp

Phone: +41 27 939 14 51

Hotel Breithorn
Marie-Madlen Rieder-Hasler
Brigitte Lehner-Hasler
Blatten Strasse 1
Blatten 3919 

Phone: +41 27 939 14 66

Hotel Edelweiss
Blattenstrasse 62
3919 Blatten

Phone: +41 27 939 13 63

Naturally Lötschental Credo

The NATURAL LÖTSCHENTAL origin brand is used to recognise regional products, services and tourist offers in the Lötschental and to support their marketing. The brand is owned by the Lötschen valley community, the main shareholders of Lötschental Marketing AG, and elects a brand commission for its controlled application.

The goods, ingredients, services and added value must originate from the Lötschental in accordance with the detailed regulations.
The agricultural production of the raw materials is carried out in accordance with the ÖLN ecological performance certificate or Bio Suisse.

  • To process or produce high-quality products
  • to take all measures necessary to identify the products and to prevent the mixing of products that have not been obtained in accordance with these regulations.
  • The Trademark Commission must be granted control in the event of any quality reservations; otherwise the principle of self-regulation applies
  • To fulfil the self-regulation required by law in the food sector and to undertake appropriate further training.

Service providers in trade, agriculture, commerce, administration, tourism, education and research must support the principle of sustainability in the spirit of the Lötschental in an exemplary manner. The brand commission issues partner regulations for the details.

In addition to the logo, the producer, manufacturer or supplier address must be declared. The statutory declaration regulations must also be carefully observed.